The Burn Room is where you push through every "I can't" or "I wish." It's the room where you will run harder, lift more, & burn more fat than ever before. The Burn Room will show you what transformation looks like. This is where YOU become the best version of yourself.

TeamFit45 workouts are designed by science – it's simple, it just works. No gimmicks, no "big names" to represent, just pure hard work. Strength training, core training, abdominal training, and cardiovascular training all packed into one hour of burn. There's no fitness trend here. Just pure science.

When the Burn Room ignites, adrenaline takes over along with the need to push yourself past what you thought was possible. The music starts pumping and you know it's time to take things one step further. It's all about YOU in the Burn Room – let's make YOU the best version ever.

A TeamFit45 session can ignite over 1000 calories or more. It helps tone muscle and boosts your resting metabolism so your burn will continue for hours after the class is over (yea baby – the BURN effect!).

Our unique training sessions consist of the combination of weight training, body weight training and alternate bursts of intense anaerobic exercise with recovery periods to keep you heart-rate in the BURN zone throughout the workout.

At TeamFit45, you'll burn more calories, increase lean body mass and feel better than you have ever felt… all while increasing your resting metabolic rate by up to 15 percent!


TeamFit45 is more than just a pile of equipment and cool people. It's a magical combination of instructors, lighting, music and the awesome people in the room. Interval training stimulates neurons in your brain and endorphins in your body. The killer music pushes you to work harder than ever before.

The TV's show your BURN zone and calories melted, enabling you to lose yourself in the primal rush of the workout. Stress just falls away and the room becomes an ecosystem of collective accomplishments.


TeamFit45 focuses on different muscle groups every day. You will never repeat the same workout. Our workouts will never bore you. The programming carefully pairs specific muscle groups to ensure your body has the perfect balanced workout and proper time for recovery. It’s the quickest and safest way to transform your body.

Want To Burn With Us? Ready. Set.

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